Targeted Advertising

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Targeted advertising is when a company tries to advertise one of their products to a specific audience. For example, a toy company wants children to get these toys, therefore the company would advertise their toy on a kids TV channel.

•Demographic based Targeted advertising (TA)
•Content based TA


Demographic based:
•Reaches certain groups of individuals based on their... DEMOGRAPHICS.
•Based on the assumption that these groups, as a whole, are more likely to buy a certain product.
•Recently, Demographic based TA has seen a decline in effectiveness as we see a change in societal behavior.

Content based:
•This has been used for decades in specialized publications (Sports magazines, gaming magazines, etc)
•The internet sparked the growth of this type of advertizing.
•Contextual advertising (part of content based TA) has become the most popular form of advertising on the internet.
•Works by scanning key words on a page and placing ads relating to the key words.
•Is not fool proof. can still fail.

Explanation and application

TA can be used by Mexican store owners as a cost effective way of advertising to their consumers. For example, if they wanted to sell kitchenware, they would put an ad in "Kitchenware Magazine". Etc.

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