Smart Card and Readers

Author: Jason Chen


plastic card with a built-in microprocessor, used typically to perform financial transactions or authentication.


The card was invented in the 1970s by multiple people but mainly the French inventor Roland Moreno. The card consists of embedded integrated circuits, these circuits can store data which can provide authentication, identification and transactions.

Explanation and application

You’ll see 2 things everyone uses practically everyday : Sim Cards and credit cards. Both these applications have used this device for years without any big security threat which proves to us that this device is a viable device without much concerns to security problems.
To further on prove that this technology is secure and doesn’t provide security concerns, even the U.S Department of Defense uses this type of technology to authenticate their workers.
Another rather interesting application to this device is using this technology as an electronic wallet, since these devices can store storage then it can store user data for a user with funds linked to their accounts. This has been seen to be used in some bigger enterprise parking lots. This could be rather interesting when linked to Big Data in larger companies as employees could “redeem” so called “points” for items at the company all with the same card they authenticate themselves.

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