Database Querying

Author: Kristian Hansen


Database querying is a mechanism used for retrieving specific information from a database quickly.


Database querying is a method in which specific data can be retrieved through the application of specific filters and parameters.
This can be done through a variety of methods and applications, including MySQL. Database querying is the primary mechanism for retrieving and pushing information for a database. Without it, databases would be useless as one could not read from or write to the database, when then nullifies its purpose.

Explanation and application

There are many forms of database query software, but they all follow the Structured Query Language (SQL) syntax. An example of a request to retrieve a value from a database is below.

SELECT names FROM contact_list

As you can see, the syntax is rather straightforward and basic, but the opportunities that the language opens up are enormous. Database queries usually need to be done server-side as the database is stored online. Therefore queries are supported in PHP and other like-minded languages that are executed server-side.

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