Author: Victor Chee


Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

How it Works

Data analysis is a process, within which several phases can be distinguished: Processing of data refers to concentrating, recasting and dealing with data in such a way that they become as amenable to analysis as possible. First the data is collected, then is organised. Specific algorithms are used to analyse the data and possibly used to make the data into a model. Once the analysis is complete, the data is used to make decisions or create a data product that is sold.

Data analysis is commonly used as a marketing strategy by business and sales firms in order to accomplish targeted marketing or targeted advertising which will help maximise revenue. This is usually done for large data sets where correlations and possible conclusions are able to be made. There are many functions available on the excel which help with data analysis. How to use these functions can be found here.

Applications to the Case Study

Data analysis is used in supermarkets in order to find certain patterns. As explained earlier, these will be useful for targeted marketing and targeted advertising, which are both used in supermarket situations. Through analysing data, the supermarket will gain knowledge on the consumers. Supermarkets collect this information usually through loyalty/point cards or discount cards with a bar code on them. They will first require the customer to fill out personal information such as age, occupation and gender. This card will be given to the customer and he/she will be able to scan the card on the bar code scanner when purchasing items, in order to gather points or possible product discounts. The purchases of the customer is then immediately uploaded to a relational database where all the information is kept. This data base will then go through the data analysis process to make specific decisions that can be used for strategies such as targeted marketing or advertising.

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