About this page

This page is a collaborative space set up by Andrew Churches (Kristin School, NZ) and Madeleine Brookes (Western Academy of Beijing). It is accessible to anyone but to be able to edit the space you must be a member of the space. Teachers are invited to become organisers of the space and they in turn can invite their students to become members of the spaces. Teachers must keep track of their students' activity to ensure that content is accurate and appropriate.

Students are required to use their real names in this space; it is preferable if students include their school name. For example, HarryB_WAB. This facilitates open and honest communication and collaboration. Members of this space who use TXT style membership names will be removed from the space.


This is the case study wiki for the 2015 examination round. The same case study is used for both the May and November examination sessions in 2015. This wiki is a collaborative resource between higher level ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) classes. The members of the community create and structure the content of this space. They are also responsible for validating the information entered.

What we want you to do

For each of the different pages, we would like you to undertake both primary research (interviews, presentations using IT systems etc) and/or secondary research (textbook, internet based, videos, journals, magazines, encyclopaedias etc) to develop your understanding of the issues surrounding this Case Study: BIG DATA. We would like you to share this research, citing sources so that the information can be double checked for accuracy. From this shared resources you will develop a better understanding of the ITGS Casestudy and carry this understanding into your examinations.


Commoncraft video - Big Data. This is an introduction to Big Data.
The video embedded here is embedded under a membership agreement with Commoncraft.com. This is a licensed and copywritten resource.